Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher
Ms Conboy

Deputy Head Teachers
Ms Birks
Mr Williams

Assistant Head Teachers
Ms Fletcher
Ms Humphreys


Hedgehogs - Ms Kanes
Owls - Ms Hindle
Foxes - Ms Cumberbatch
Squirrels - Ms Mehemood and Ms Johnson


Bumblebees - Ms Humphrey, Ms Cunningham and Ms Saied
Ladybirds - Ms Liddel, Ms Hanif and Ms Steward
Butterflies - Ms Costello and Ms Wood

Year 1

1KL Ms Law and Ms Mohamed
1SC Ms Clarkand Ms Crossland
1MM Ms Mohamed and Ms Othman

Year 2

2CV Ms Vesey and Ms Bishar
2KW Ms Wood and Ms Qadri
2AK Ms Killeen and Ms Schofield

Year 3

3MG Ms Hanif (Ms Goldman on maternity leave) and Ms Dodd
3KT Ms Thornhill and Ms Plummer
3TD Mr Darbyshire and Ms Leonard

Year 4

4WO Ms Owens and Ms Farrington-Whittam
4SY Ms Yeung and Mrs Overton
4BT Ms Taylor, Ms Blakely and Ms Parker

Year 5

5PA Ms Ashcroft and Ms Williamson
5DB Mr Barlow and Mrs Hardman
5KH Ms Horbaczewskyj and Ms Fuentes

Year 6

6MK Mr Killeen and Ms Blazak
6MP Ms Podro and Mr Bennett
6AW Ms Wharmby and Ms Briars

Specialist Staff

EMA Team
Ms O'Neill
Mr Affi
Mr Lee
Mr Mohamed

Maths Support
Ms Wigley

SEN Team
Ms Fletcher - SEND Co
Ms Waters
Ms Taylor
Ms Proverbs Brown
Ms Leggatt

Ms Richardson

Office Staff
Mrs Charlton - School Business Manager
Mr Chase - Attendance and Data Officer
Ms Fernando - School Finance Officer
Ms West - School Administrator
Ms Pemberton - School Administrator

Breakfast Club

Ns Park
Ms Crossland
Ms Pemberton
Ms Hardman
Ms Harrison
Ms Rae
Ms Hettipathirana
Ms Rahman
Ms Dodd

Lunchtime Staff

Lunchtime Organisers

Ms Hobson (SLO)

Ms Hargreaves
Ms Hettipathirana
Ms Ogle
Ms Rahman
Ms Sanderson
Ms Ali
Ms Mohamed
Ms Dawlad
Ms Abdi
Ms Das
Ms Barud
Ms Hall

Ms Hassan

Ms Abullahi

Lunchtime Catering Staff
Ms Burnett (Head Cook)
Ms McGrath
Ms Todd
Ms Stewart
Ms Ward
Ms Leech
Ms Segulle
Ms Samuel
Ms Swain


Mr Walsh
Ms Ward
Ms Hettipathirana
Ms De Helo Gonzaga
Ms Hall
Ms Sanderson
Ms Laird
Mr Malcolm
Ms Ali