Assemblies are an important part of our collective worship. We have phase assemblies led by a member of the SLT on Monday and Friday mornings for year 6 and 5 (Upper Key Stage 2); Year 3 and 4 (Lower Key stage 2); Year 2 and 1 (Key Stage 1) and Reception and Nursery (Early Years). The Friday assemblies are for celebrating achievements and parents are very welcome.

Class assemblies take place throughout the year and are all based on work they have covered throughout the term.

As we expanded to three form entry we thought it important that all the children were able to have the opportunity to have a primary school experience. To enable this, we have grouped the classes into 3 strands from Reception to Year 6 so that each assembly is performed to a class from every year group. The assemblies take place at the same time in the same place and parents are very welcome to attend their child’s class assembly. All assemblies start at 9.10am.

Group Name Oak Birch Willow
Venue Gym Sports Hall Hall
R Bumblebees Ladybirds Butterflies
1 1KW 1SY 1CV
2 2SC 2AK 2KL
3 3MG 3HE 3TD
4 4KH 4MM 4LT
5 5MK 5WO 5JB
6 6MP 6KT & 6PA 6AW