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Claremont Primary has become part of the ’Chess in Schools and Communities program’ which involves chess being delivered to your child as part of the Curriculum by a specialist teacher from years 2 to 6 for approximately forty minutes per week.

Why teach children chess?

Research indicates that learning and playing chess develops academic skills children require throughout their education. This especially applies to numeracy and Mathematics which forms a major part of the skills needed to play the game. However, chess also nurtures a variety of other life skills including problem solving, decision making and respect for others. Memory and concentration are vital to be a successful chess player.

There is a growing number of chools throughout the country that recognise the benefits teaching chess brings to a child’s education and development. Not only are children learning to play the game, they will learn to play it well and, at a competitive level which, together with enjoyment, is an essential ingredient in making rapid progress. Already, we have a year 5 pupil who has taken part in a Manchester chess tournament and won some of his matches.

Your child is encouraged to take part in lunchtime chess club on Mondays and Tuesdays every week. There is also an after school club run every Monday.

Chess continues to flourish at Claremont Primary School and parents/carers are encouraged to discuss and play chess with their child at home to support you with this we are running parent chess groups on Wednesday mornings from 9.00 – 10.00am.

Click here for further information on parent chess group.s


Claremont children have been enjoying chess so much that several of them recently entered the Chess in Schools competition which was held on a Saturday at Broadoak Community Centre, Ashton.. The children faced tough competition as all players played to a very high standard. We are extremely proud of Oliver (Y5), Karim and Mohammed (Y4) who all won competition medals for their performance.Other children who competed or competed in the UK Chess Challenge Megafinals are Ahmed, Jaffar and Zainab from Yr 6, Mustafa from Y5, Tayybar and Mohammed Aariz from Y4, Fatih, Asma, Renad and Subar from Y3.

Well done to all those who took part .... we are quite sure that Claremont will produce the next Magnus Carlson.


Claremont competed against Briscoe Lane Academy and all pupils found this a really worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

Future matches will be a little more competitive with medals and certificates being awarded.

Pupils who took part were Dana 6AW, Mukhtar 6MK, Ambreen 5MP, Iklas 5MP, Sana 5KH, Fateh 4TD, Uzair 4WO, Abdul 4WO Yaya 4SY.

For pupils interested, there are children's chess tournaments in Ashton every month. For further information please speak to Mr Shanker.

Competitors should bring a packed lunch with them although some drinks and sweets will be available to purchase. Parents are welcome to stay.