Every year the children in reception learn about ELFS. ELFS stands for ‘Early Learning for Safety.’

The children take part in a workshop run by St. Mary’s children’s hospital where they learn about aspects of safety such as: slips, trips and falls, water safety, fire and burns, choking and poisoning.

During the workshop the children meet Elfie bear who has had lots of accidents and needs to be taught how to keep himself safe. The children dress up as firefighters, doctors, nurses, paramedics and police, they learn some safety rhymes, listen to stories about Elfie and get to listen to their own heartbeat with a stethoscope. In the class we follow up the workshop with our own Elfie bear and talk about how we can keep ourselves safe in school and at home.


I.M.P.S. is an injury prevention education programme delivered to 10 and 11-year olds jointly in the school and local hospital emergency departments. The programme empowers young people to take personal responsibility for their own risk management and equips them with the skills to cope in an emergency situation. Every children Year 6 children visit Manchester Royal Infirmary to take part in the programme which equips them with first aid and resuscitation skills, helping them to respond effectively if an incident occurs.