Many of our children are very fortunate to be bilingual. Bilingual learners are those who function in more than one language in daily life. The term 'bilingual' emphasises that learners already have one language and that English is a second or additional language.

Children for whom English is not their first language are as able as any other children, and the learning experiences planned for them are no less challenging than for those whose first language is English.

It is sometimes necessary to provide more support beyond a child's acquisition of social English to enable them to access the whole curriculum, to enable learning, achievement and social and personal development.

Within our school, we have a team of bilingual and EAL assistants led by a specialist EAL teacher. Once a newly arrived child has been assessed by our team we work with the class teacher to agree on a collaborative approach to learning.

The support ranges from working in class with the class teacher and child to withdrawal of the child for individual support. We work alongside class teachers to ensure that language is not a barrier to children's learning. As well as providing language support we are also involved in providing curriculum and pastoral support.

EAl Support Staff

  • Ms O'Neill
  • Mr Affi
  • Mr Mohamed
  • Ms Swaid