What are the Admission Procedures for a school place at Claremont Primary School?

Claremont Primary School is open to both boys and girls from the ages of 3 to 11 years old and is maintained by Manchester City Council.

At Claremont we are extremely proud of our rich diversity of culture and backgrounds as this provides us with a wealth of diversity on which the school way of life is based and helps us serve our local community.

To download a copy of our Admissions Policy please click here.

The Local Authority of Manchester is responsible for the admissions of all our reception places, including children who are already in our nursery class. The Local Authority will write to you explaining how you can apply for a reception place for your child. The Local Authority Reception application must be completed by parents/carers online by the nominated date in the year before your child is due to start reception. A late application could result in your child not getting a place at the school of their choice. The admission form is located at…

Parents/carers who have a nursery place at Claremont Primary School do not automatically get a place in reception at our school.

Parents/ carers wishing to visit the school with a view to placing their children should contact the Admissions team at the education department of the City Council by telephoning 0161 234 7163.

If there are no places available immediately, the Local Authority will find an alternative place for your child and your name will stay on our school’s waiting list until a place becomes available.

Places are allocated as follows:

• Children who are deemed to be “in need” in accordance with the requirement of the Children’s Act 1989. This will include the medical, educational and social needs of the child.
• Preference is given to children who have a brother or sister already attending the school.
• Other children are admitted according to the distance between home and school. Children who live the nearest are given priority.

What is the Appeals procedure?

If a child is not offered a school place, parents/carers can appeal to the Independent Education Appeals Committee at Manchester City Council Education Department, Overseas House. Information on the Appeals procedure is available from the school office. You can contact the Education Department on 0161 234 7163 or appeal online at…


 Nursery Admissions

For Nursery Admissions, please contact the school office on 0161 226 2066. We can email you an application form, or click here to download. All applications must be received by the end of February


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