Our computing curriculum’s main aim is to provide the children of Claremont with the chance to experience the technology and computer programs that will be a vital part of their future, not only in their academic life but also in their chosen career. The school has, and is continuing to, invest in the latest ICT resources. Use of ICT is part of the children’s lessons on a daily basis, whether it be through the use of laptops to support their reading comprehension skills or the use of photographic technology to record experiences of their learning.

Through computing children can see the importance of technology across the rest of the curriculum, in particular in mathematics, science, and our new use of the International Primary Curriculum. The computer science strand of computing teaches the children how computers and computer networks work and also about how they are designed and programmed.

A key part of the Computing curriculum is the digital literacy strand. Within this is children are taught E-safety. This is something which we are particularly focused on at Claremont and are keen to ensure that the children are safe when using technology both in and out of school.

As a school with equip the children, of all ages, with the awareness of and skills to deal with issues arising from cyber bullying, social networking, portable communication devices (e.g. mobile phones) and teach to ensure their personal information is safe online. This is taught directly to the children but we also provide workshops for parents to support them to fully understand the importance of E-safety.