We have an amazing area for gardening on our school field. We have a number of raised beds, where we grow a variety of fruit and vegetables, a ploytunnel that allows us to grow fruit and vegetables all year round, and a number of beds that we grow plants and flowers in to help wildlife that visit our school grounds.

We are very lucky to have a volunteer gardener, XXXXX, who spends a lot of time working in our garden. He also spends time taking groups of children across the school to teach them about the school garden and allows them to take part in the process of growing furit and vegetables. As well as this we have an after-school gardening club that meet once a week during sping and summer to plant new produce and tend to it through the growing process until they can harvest it during late summer.

Some of the plants we grow in our garden are shared in the local commnuity through transferring young plants into raised beds and planters in the streets surrounding school.

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