Nurturing Schools

About our Nurturing School

Here at Claremont School we know a nurturing approach is best delivered through the development of positive social environments and consistently modelled relationships. We know in delivering this we have a significant influence on the children’s’ social emotional skills, wellbeing and behaviour.

Our nurturing approach includes a range of opportunities and experiences to develop the social and emotional skills that enable our children to succeed at school, develop resilience and engage with their peers and the wider community.

 Through a variety of nurturing structures including an Elklan speech and language approach, the use of calm corners and calm kits throughout school, consistent emotional regulation teaching and modelling plus ongoing staff training we work hard to support all pupils, staff and stakeholders to feel they are safe, they matter and are nurtured.

We are embedding the 6 Principles of Nurture across the whole school.

By adopting nurtureuk’s graduated approach we are able to identify and address the social emotional needs of children at an early stage and address these needs through a holistic approach which involves children, staff, parents/ carers and the community.

We Boxall Profile® all our children using the Boxall Profile® Online Tool.

This unique online tool assesses the social, emotional and mental development of pupils. It provides us with a precise picture of our children’s strengths, as well as any difficulties which could affect their learning. Based on the results, the Boxall Profile® then tells us what type of support each pupil needs, providing us with practical strategies and techniques for the classroom or nurture group to help our children achieve their full potential.

National Nurturing School Programme

We have been awarded the status of a National Nurturing School.

The award is assessed against a set of National Nurturing Schools Programme Standards, outlined during the 18 month programme, which cover three main areas: Stakeholders, Delivery, and Leadership & Management.

To establish that we are meeting each of these Standards, we gathered evidence via discussion, interviews and observation, as well as any electronic evidence we provided during our assessment. The video below outlines the feeback we received to our submission.

Children have access to a Nurture Group as part of our school graduated approach. Our nurture group is a school-based intervention run by two members of staff with up to six pupils. The aim is to replace missing early experiences by developing positive pupil relationships with both teachers and peers in a supportive environment. We follow the six principles of nurture and the Boxall Profile® determines which pupils may need to be in our nurture group based on their social, emotional, and mental health needs.

Nurture groups are supported and recommended by organisations, such as Ofsted and the DfE.

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