School Council

Last year, members of the School Council were involved in a series of meetings with fourteen other Rights Respecting Schools with a view to creating a Manchester Pupil Parliament. The children were involved in creating a logo for the Manchester Pupil Parliament and attended various sessions with the schools to discuss Global Goals. Following one of these sessions, our School Council chose the Global Goal, Climate Change, as it was linked to the other schemes which Claremont Primary had already embarked upon. We involved children from all ages to partake in the Big Spring Clean which ensured the school and its grounds were clean by litter picking. To help with reducing the amount of pollution around school, the children were selected to be PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers) to ensure that cars were safely parked near the school when dropping off or collecting the children.

In addition, the School Council had the opportunity to attend Manchester Council Chambers to use their pupil voice to express their views and concerns regarding Climate Change. The children also met with Lucy Powell MP and Mike Kane MP during these sessions to discuss how to prepare their campaign for Climate Change.

The children were also provided with an insight as to how laws are debated and enacted and so they were invited to the Houses of Parliament where they toured the two Houses and learnt the process involved in getting your voice heard.

All these meetings and sessions led to the celebration of 30 years of Children’s Rights. To celebrate this monumental day, the School Council prepared their campaign for Climate Change and marched around Manchester City Centre together with all the other Right Respecting schools.

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