At Claremont Primary School we believe that maths is a tool for everyday living. It is used to tackle a range of practical tasks and real life problems and we ensure a high quality mathematics education for all students.

Maths is taught daily in all our classes and it is our aim to develop the ability within our children to: solve problems; think logically; reason and work systematically and accurately; investigate and solve problems in real life contexts and to work both independently or in co-operation with others.

We carefully plan and prepare our maths to include practical individual, group and whole class discussion and activities to ensure that all children are given opportunities to solve problems; reason; develop their depth of understanding; use a range of methods of calculating e.g. Mental, pencil and paper, in addition to using a calculator and work with computers as a mathematical tool.

During one lesson every week children are taught basic skills in differentiated groups as it is important to have a secure understanding of basic number facts for example times tables. Every opportunity is made to extend and promote maths throughout the whole curriculum.