Welcome to Early Years

At Claremont Primary School we place great value on the development of children as individuals. Claremont children arrive at school with a number of experiences and ideas based on their personal circumstances. Our curriculum supports the cultural capital that our children need in addition to these personal experiences to gain knowledge, skills and understanding to prepare them to be successful in Key Stage One and beyond. Our curriculum also prepares children for their next stage in education by teaching them behaviours for learning that are embedded in the Early Years Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning.

Many of our children arrive at school with well below national expectations for their age and a high proportion of children and families speak English as and additional language. In addition, a high proportion of children also come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Prime Areas of learning are prioritised in Nursery to support language development and personal relationships and children are nurtured and valued as individuals from these first steps. This continues in Reception alongside developing reading, writing and maths skills which are delivered within a holistic sequenced play-based curriculum, maximising opportunities for curiosity and extended play and sustained shared thinking.

Quality indoor and outdoor provision provides experiences and exposure to language and vocabulary that many children arrive at school without access to. Children have access to a range of visitors in school and also to educational visits both in the local area and further afield. Again, these visits support our children’s cultural capital by giving them access to experiences beyond their home and raising aspirations.

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